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Sheriton Hotel New Delhi, India.'Bringing in the Millenium'

M.V.Atalante Cruise. 'Cruising Cyprus, Egypt, Israel' and on the right 'Roman Show'

provide Full, Self-Contained, Professional Dance Floor Shows Internationally-
for Hotels, Cruises,
Summer Seasons,
Holiday Centers,
Corporate Events and Galas.

M.V. Atalante Cruise.'Surfin the Waves'

M.V. Atalante Cruise. 'Cruising Greek style'
Mike Powell, one of our great featured Singers.

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M.V. Atalante Cruise. New Paradise Cruises.
'Yee Ha! - Hoedown Across the Seas'

On the right Summer Season at 5 Star Hotel
Halkidiki Greece, 'Vienese Waltz'

M.V. Atalante Cruise.'Russian Kalinka dance'


M.V. Atalante Cruising from Cyprus 'The Atalante Cruise Ship Colours'


Above "Lively Parisian Can Can"
and above left - JCB show in Nottingham, UK
 'Butterfly Movements'

Left Music Award Ceremony 2015


5 Star Hotel, Cyprus.
' Roman Soloist dancer'

On the right M.V. Atalante Cruise.
'Hoedown with the girls'