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  Show Creations With FUNTAZIA ENTERTAINMENT ...
...you will have the opportunity to create in people the best memories of their life and enjoy an experience that will always remain embedded in your mind. All this thanks to the possibility of working and travelling around the world and experiencing an international context that will allow you to meet people of different cultures and nationalities every day.

Operates in the field of tourist entertainment since 1992.
Specialized in international entertainment, we provide our services and advice to resorts, hotel chains and tour operators around the world.
To achieve the target of an unforgettable vacation, weengage our guests in our ever-changing entertainment proposals, where through the most innovative forms of fitness and wellness, sports and games, multimedia, cultural activities and events, wefill with imagination and joy the whole stay.
At the same time, young guests and teenagers will follow dedicated programmes, with particular attention to ecology, socialization, sport and events including the social aspect.
Reliability and skills are combined with continuous research, bringing renewal and professionalism to the service offered.
To best render this service, the animation is divided into several departments:

ShowCreations provide fully Self-Contained Professional Dance Floor Shows Internationally for Hotels,
Cruises, Summer Seasons, Holiday Centers, Corporate Events and Galas.

The mini club is the department that deals with the entertainment of children and young guys aged between 4 and 18 years. The department is divided up into:

Mini: children aged between 4 and 7 years;
Maxi: children aged between 8 and 12 years;
Junior: Teenagers aged between 13 and 18 years.

The role of the entertainers is to devote himself to children/ teenagers by creating activities suited to their age and their needs, giving them a real holiday full of smiles and fun.

The fitness department takes care of all the wellness and work out activities within the property; yoga, pilates, water aerobics, etc. The role of the fitness entertainer is to give a touch of fun and carefree ness to the activities dedicated to the well- being of the body while always maintaining professionalism in teaching. All with the purpose of 'making them switch off' giving them time for relaxation.

The sports department takes care of all the sports activities that concern adults: bowls, volleyball, water polo, football, etc ...The role of the entertainer iin this case is to create a fun and relaxed game environment even though they are amateur sports tournaments, with the aim of bringing together guests of different nationalities and uniting them thanks to fun and common interests.

The evening entertainment is carried out by the whole entertainment team, aiming to entertain guests also during the evenings by offering variety shows , fun and games , karaoke for international audiences and much more. Each member takes care of a specific role; dj , lights, dancing, singing etc
Evening entertainment is the moment in which the team works together to be able to transform guests evenings into moments of great fun and sharing


Show Creations