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About Us

A complete Visual Experience
‘What little girls’ dreams are made of'
Two real fairies will fly in to
surprise your guests on your special day.
Our Fairy Godmother ‘Mandy’ comes along with us to all the parties,
to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

What we do on the day
· Decorate your very own Fairy Wand to take home.
· Have a Fairy Glitter Make Over.
· Learn a real Fairy Dance with our real fairies.
· And receive your very own Official Fairy Certificate!!
· Plus you and your guests will all receive a special Fairy Goody Bag to take home at the end of the party.

We can come to your house/garden, or a hall where you have booked the venue for your party and will entertain the party guests for two hours with our own magical c.d. music mix. Singing and dancing.
The Birthday girl is also crowned the Birthday Fairy with her own special tiara to keep and there are lots of other little surprises to keep your imagination flying.
If we come to your garden we will find an enchanted wishing tree for all the party children to put their wishes on.
You can order a Special Fairy Birthday Cake from us, if you wish, as well!
Please email our fairy godmother mandy@showcreations.biz with your enquiry and/or details of your birthday party she can then create a special enchanted fairy birthday party just for you

We have 4-6 different fairies to invite to your birthday party.
So you may choose your two favourite colours.
These special fairies are professionally trained in dancing and singing and they perform dancing fairytale shows at ‘Black Gang Chine’ on the Isle of Wight at the special fairy events each year.

Our Six Fairies to choose from are:
Blue & Silver ‘Fairy Shimmer’ our Sea Fairy.
Gold ‘Fairy Chine’ our Princess Fairy.
Pink & Purple ‘Fairy Rosebud’ our Flower Fairy.
Red ‘Fairy Buccaneer’ our Pirate Fairy.
Orange & Yellow ‘Fairy Sunbeam’ our Sunset Fairy
and Rainbow Mix ‘Fairy Rainbow’ our Rainbow Fairy.

Contact our fairy godmother at mandy@showcreations.biz
or call 07917 765406 for more details and prices.
Please note there is a Maximum of 15 children per party.

Fairy certificates
Fairy Certificates, above.
Right, Fairy Rosebud; below left, glitter make-over and, below right, meeting the real Fairies, Shimmer and Chine.
Contact ShowCreations
Glitter Make Over
Meeting the real fairies    
Writing a Wish
Wishing Tree
Left, writing a wish and, above, the wishing tree.

Official Enchantment
Official Enchanted Fairies and, right, Wand Decorating.

Wand Decorating

Feedback from Fairy Birthday Parties!

'It was the best fun ever! Thank you Mandy for making my party into the most beautiful birthday...' Jasmine age 8.

'I felt complete trust in Mandy on producing a fairy party to remember forever. Not just for Jasmine but for her 11 friends should say fairies. As Mandy gives the children their own certificate signed by a real fairy …… a real fairy. After seeing Mandy’s website I knew spectacular was her background I was not disappointed the fairies were dressed with grace with large wings stretching up from their backs very believable.'

'There was attention to detail at the Fairy Party. The children had something to do all the time. It was very professional.' Sandy

'Magical.' Charlotte age 8........ 'Exciting.' Amy age 8

'Mandy has complete faith in her product and works hard to produce magic that happens in children and some adults. As Fairy Shimmer and Fairy Chine appeared and Mandy’s gorgeous music played my five year old inside me cried with pleasure. Thank you for making the entertainment at the fairy party easy for me to enjoy too.' Paula

'Looking forward to seeing Fairy Chine and Fairy Shimmer at Black Gang Chine in 2014.' Anna

'Each fairy had a surprise party bag with lovely fairy gifts and the pretty fairy wands still look lovely today, thank you.
With glitter makeovers and dancing holding hands sharing a moment to remember more strongly than some other events. The timing was perfect then all of a sudden they were gone but the smiles live on and on.'

'I can’t thank Mandy and the team enough for the most magical birthday party for my little girl.
So beautifully done, and to see their little faces as the fairies entered one of life’s treasured moments'
Mary, March

'It was an absolute pleasure to see the fairy girls perform for the children, they were completely enthralled and enchanted by the appearance of 'real live' fairies.
Everyone, including all the adults loved them, I now intend to make a point of going to the I of W performance next time.
Well done it was excellent' Frank, July

“Thank you so much for making my daughters 7th birthday party a special day she will remember forever. She enjoyed making her wand, making wishes and learning dances. The attention to detail and sympathy to the children’s belief in the fairies was touching. My daughter said this was the best party ever!”
Felicity, July

    Mandy Oakley, of ShowCreations, is proud to announce their
continuous success at Blackgang Chine on the Isle of Wight since 2013.
The real fairies from ShowCreations fly off to the Island for the magical ‘FairyFling’ event performing live story-telling dance shows and entertaining the children.
There will be six magical fairies.
Treat yourself to a family day out with the children.
Our Real Fairies would love to meet you!
There will be fairy workshops/live music/pirate & fairy fancy-dress competitions/mix fairy potions/dance shows/children’s entertainment and lots more!

The fairies invite you to join in their fantastical Fairyfling, with all things magical on offer for would be fairies and their friends.

These beautiful fairies also sprinkle their fairy dust at local birthday parties in Hampshire.
Pirate parties soon to be available for the boys.
To book the Fairies for your special Birthday Party or Event please contact Mandy at:
or call 07917 765406 & 02392 552933 www.blackgangchine.com


Golden fairyPirate Fairy
Fairy Shimmre
Fairy Event Shows - Special Event Days
Weddings - Parties - Anniversaries

Email or call us for further information:
INT: 0044 (0) 7917765406 / UK: 7917765406

We create INDIVIDUAL SHOWS for you...an imaginative fairy show for your special event.
With four to six professional fairies with beautifully handmade costumes. Adults can sit back relax and enjoy.
Children will be enchanted by the fairies.
Have fun by joining in singing and dancing with our real fairies.
The fairies may need your help during the story telling show. Let us take you on a journey into our land of imagination!!
Wave your wands high in the air!

At your Wedding or Anniversary
keep the little ones entertained at your big event.
We supply your complete Extravaganza!


We also have a pirate fairy! So boys can also join in with their pirate swords!
Children and adults can dress up too! If you wish.

Correspondence Only:
1 Drake Road, Lee-on-the-Solent, PO13 9NS, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Contact ShowCreations

Blackgang Smuggler
Images from The Black Gang Fairy Show


Sea Facing Fairy Fling

A storytelling performance
Left, A magical fairy birthday party

Another beautiful fairy performance
Right, Fairies flying at Blackgang Chine 2015

Fairy showtime
Right,Fairy Sunbeam

What's in the Fairy book this year?

FairyFling Event on the Isle Of Wight

Making childrens dreams come alive
Right, Our Beautiful Fairies: Fairy Chine, Fairy Rainbow, Fairy Sunbeam, Fairy Shimmer, Fairy Rosebud and Fairy Buccaneer

A Choice of Specialized Children's Shows
    Visual story telling shows that capture children’s imaginations:
These all new shows are produced by Mandy Oakley who has worked with children for over 15 years and been in entertainment professionally for 31 years.
With a cast of Professional dancer/singer entertainers. Already performing successful Fairy shows at ‘Black Gang Chine’ on the Isle of Wight
Available for Summer, Easter and Winter seasons and for Cruise Ships, Holiday Centres and Holiday Parks in the UK and internationally. Events, Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthday Parties.
Bring your Child’s imagination alive and let them be drawn into this beautiful magical world.
Each show is a complete package of colourful handmade costumes, music and energy.

Beautiful story telling fairy shows.
Open your mind into a world of imagination. Be enchanted by our real dancing fairies and have fun by joining in the singing and dancing. The fairies may need your help during the story telling show. Wave your wands high in the air!
We also have a pirate fairy! So boys too will love joining in with pirate swords!
Let us take you on a journey into our land of imagination...a Fairy-Tale Show!
This show is available all year round and for summer seasons.

Make the festive season a special one by booking our children's Christmas shows.
Created especially for children of all ages with fun Dancing

Adults will also have fun joining in our Christmas celebrations with all the family. Non-stop singing and dancing with audience participation.


Mermaids and Pirates will take you on an exciting sea cruise journey. This exciting fun packed show takes you on an amazing adventure!
With beautiful dancing mermaids and tough good hearted pirates.
With Sword fights and love themes.
Boys and girls of all ages will love these story telling performances.
Bubbles and swords at the ready! They may need your help audience!
Sit back and enjoy the journey.
Available for summer seasons.

Have a happy Halloween show with some spooky moments and dancing skeletons!
Come in a happy or spooky Halloween costume too.
Have fun at this time of year.
Full of trick and treats. Children get ready to SCREAM!!

The Easter Bunny Story!
It's full of fun – counting eggs, colouring, and lots more.
Join in with the Bunny and see how you can hop, skip and jump. Sing and dance with Bunny and mates.
Children come dressed up in an Easter costume or Easter hat and you could win an Easter egg!

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